***Update May 26 2021***
as well as takeout and DoorDash & Uber Eats (shortly) from 3 – 10 PM daily.
Maximum table size is still 6 people

***Update May 15 2021***
We are hoping to reopen for dine in on May 25 – until then we are doing takeout and delivery through DoorDash from 3-10’sh nightly

***Update March 29 2021***
Unfortunately we are back to Take out only until April 19. Please call 604 792 0744 to place your order 7 days a week from 3-cl. Live shows have been postponed and new dates will be up shortly

***Updated March 2021***


We are Now Open for dine in and takeout.
Current hours will be 3 PM – till approx. 10:00 PM.
Happy Hour 3:00 – 5:00
Lunch will be resuming in Spring/Summer 2021

Call 604 792 0744 for reservations or to place a take out order. Table limit is 6 persons. We can accommodate up to 10 people using 2 tables and 6 ft spacing.

Liquor also available for pick up


Please help us with our re-opening by following these simple requests

  • Please sit or stand where directed by staff & do not sit at Booths or tables marked unavailable due to Social Distancing. We all love booths, but it won’t be easy as before to have one for a bit. DO NOT SHIFT TABLES
  • Kindly refrain from using the washroom when unnecessary or in groups as it can be crowded at times and we’d rather not have to monitor traffic in that area.
  • If you have a mask please wear it until seated.

  • Please don’t allow young or old children to run around, climb over furniture or touch windows or plexiglass.

Some of Our protocols for safely re-opening:

  • Continually & doggedly wipe surfaces with soap and bleach in order to eliminate the risk of surface transmissions.
  • Extra staff & customer sanitizer station added
  • Space tables out approximately 6 feet from each other
  • Wear PPE when able and available
  • Take orders in a timely manner (we love chatting & would love to do it all night, just not right now)
  • Offer one time use utensils by request
  • Sanitize all menus, tables, chairs and booths after each use.
  • Maintain capacity at or below 50%
  • Our high ceilings in the dining areas allow for a safe circulation of air which blows straight down and will not cause any germs to spread to neighbouring tables
  • As per orders groups of larger than 6 are not permitted at this time
  • Remove salt and pepper shakers, sauce dispensers, candles, and other table top items. Switch to single-use options.
  • Upgrade procedures daily via new information

Please exercise as much caution as you can out there and we’ll see you soon.
– Thanks from Bozzini’s staff and management
Further updates on our FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/Bozzinis-Restaurant-150999441606289/

Bozzini’s Holiday Party Menu

Bozzini’s Holiday Party Menu

**The Holiday party Menu is required for groups of 16 or more from Nov 16 through January 1’st**

Menu 1  $ 17

Charbroiled Chicken Breasts

6 oz. Sirloin Steak Done to your liking

Baked Lasagne with Meat Sauce or Cacciatore Sauce(vegetarian)

Half Pound Kalamari Dinner

Menu 2  $ 20

Sautéed Garlic Tiger Prawns

Chicken Cordon Bleu

8 oz. N.Y. steak (add $2)

Menu 3  $ 24

12 oz. N.Y. steak done to your liking (add $3)

Barbecued Ribs w/ Homemade BBQ sauce

* All the above (except Lamb & Lasagne) come with choice of rice, mashed potatoes, Roast potatoes, or Fries, seasonal vegetables and soup of the day or tossed green salad or Caesar salad & garlic bread

* Select any one menu or mix & match 3 or 4 different items from each menu

* Appetizer menus available on request

* Vegetarian/Vegan options available.

* Gratuity of 16 – 19 %  will be added

* (Only menu 3 available for private upstairs parties)